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HABA Strategic Planning and Objectives

At the Feb 9, 2011 Board Meeting, Dana Flanders presented his report with the Board's encouragement and input for Strategic Planning and Objectives that can be used as as guiding metric for the activities we support and are engaged in. This was approved unaminously by the Board and is presented here.

Houston Area Blacksmiths Association Strategy Summary


  1. We are the premier resource in the Houston area for information and hands-on experience in the art and craft of blacksmithing.


  1. Preserve and promote the art and craft of blacksmithing.


  1. Integrity (uprightness, honesty, sincerity)
  2. Commitment (dedication, perseverance, involvement)
  3. Fellowship (mutual association on equal and friendly terms)
  4. Generosity (willing to give or share, unselfish)
  5. Craftsmanship (mastery of a skill, art, manual labor)
  6. Service (helpful, beneficial, or friendly actions for others)


  1. Increase public awareness and appreciation of blacksmithing
  2. Attract and retain new members
  3. Improve the depth and breadth of members' skills
  4. Expand members' access to resources (facilities, tools, coal, etc.)
  5. Broaden members' commitment and participation
  6. Interact with similar regional and national organizations
  7. Build and maintain an accessible information / knowledge base
  8. Contribute to the communities in which we live
  9. Effectively administer the legal and financial responsibilities of the organization to ensure its sustainability
HABA is organized exclusively for charitable, literary, and educational purposes as defined in Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. These activities will include, but are not be limited to:
  1. Becoming the premier resource for information and hands-on experience for people who seek information about the art and craft of ornamental blacksmithing. Ornamental blacksmithing refers to the hot forming and fabrication of metals for architectural and utilitarian purposes.
  2. Seeking out and sharing for the purpose of preserving the aesthetic and technical skills related to art and craft of ornamental blacksmithing.
  3. Conducting regular meetings, and special workshops for people to experience ornamental blacksmithing by seeing, hearing and feeling how ornamental blacksmithing is done.
  4. Demonstrating the art and craft of ornamental blacksmithing for the public at venues like state and county parks, schools, museums, and local festivals.
  5. Creating and sharing written and electronic information about the art and craft of ornamental blacksmithing.
  6. Performing pro bono ornamental blacksmithing for other nonprofit organizations, public agencies and institutions.